Wisdom Wednesday #34

Be determined …

… if you want to achieve your goals in life. You can’t always count on other people to be there for you. So set your own goals and believe in yourself.

Everybody has tough times, but the only one who can really get you out of those situations is yourself – doesn’t matter if this means working harder, knowing your limits or asking for help. Each one of those requires determination and realization.

Get it together and make it happen!

Mix-Up Monday #33

Seriously …

… already? The serious side of life begins again on Wednesday, when I start my last year of university. Only two more semesters until I’m done with my studies and I am going to be called Master of the Universe – or is it Master of Arts in Social Sciences? Tomato, tomato!

I worked all summer and am continuing to work while finishing my degree. So to not get too serious this week I will have a nice girl’s night out on Wednesday.

Tonight I’m already preparing everything I need for my first day back at university – pens, notebook, calendar and so on. The only thing I still have to get out of the depths of the basement is my motivation. But that’s another story for another day.

Wisdom Wednesday #33

The best way to relax …

… is to build something with Lego. Ever since I got new Lego at Disneyland Paris (my mom gave away all of my Lego a couple of years ago, because “I’m not a kid anymore”) I spend my evenings building pandas, rockets, cars and so on. The reason it is so relaxing is because you can do it while listening to music, watching a movie or phoning a friend. Life is hard enough so another big plus – it takes me back to my childhood and brings back awesome memories.

Tonight I started a new project: I want to build all buildings from the Architecture series. But only after I have been to those places. The first one is the Big Ben, which I started a couple of minutes ago.

Lego Big Ben

My dream building I want to own some day is the Tower Bridge, but it’s pretty expensive and will take quite some time to assemble, so I’m saving up for that one and work on smaller projects, like the Eiffel Tower and the White House until then.

Fashion Friday #32

Don’t yank my chain …

… it’s too heavy anyways. I didn’t go on a crazy shopping spree while on vacation in Paris, France but I got a handful of new fashion items while there.

One of these is a three-layered chain necklace from Forever 21 with different colored metals. It spices up every basic t-shirt and jeans outfit.

3-layered Forever 21 chain necklace

A little advice: if you plan on wearing the necklace all day long, have someone give you a neck massage at night – it’s pretty heavy.

Wisdom Wednesday #32

Writer’s block …

… that’s it.

No not, really. I’m sitting here, not knowing what to write. Don’t get me wrong, I already have ideas for the next Fashion Friday and Mix-Up Monday, but Wisdom Wednesday is kicking my butt right now.

Whenever I get writer’s block (fyi: I’m not only writing this blog, I also love to write poetry and songs and of course I have to do assignments for university) I turn up the music and let the inspiration in.

Music has always been my companion, wether it was playing instruments or listening to music – I did and still do it all. It has helped me find concentration and inspiration to continue writing.

Listen, sing and dance on!

By the way tonight’s blog post was inspired by the following song:

Prayer in C by Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz

Mix-Up Monday #31

One week without …

… blogging. Last week I decided to stop blogging for a week. It was the perfect time for this little experiment, since I had just come back from my Paris, France vacation and a million little things to do at home.

I know that I don’t have hundreds of followers on this blog and I had to figure out if I want to continue writing here. Even though there weren’t any new posts for the last couple of days, people kept checking back and visiting the blog.

I want to say thank you, to all of you who read my bits and pieces about life and everything that comes with it. Even if I can inspire just one person or get them to think or laugh this blog pays off.

Thanks again and from this point on forward posts will come at least on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Keep on blogging!